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New Photos

New photos: Michelle’s photoalbum, and several new in the views section.

Новые фото / New Photos

New bunch of photos from trip to Switzerland, here.

New photo in my family album

I’ve placed a new photo of my ladies here.

New family photos

I’ve placed several new photos at the family photoalbum.

Old site news

6.Jul.2007. New family photos + new photo navigator.

13.May.2007. Updates on the humour page. A lot of new photos from England and Italy.

16.Mar.2007. Updates on the humour page. A lot of new photos from Spain journey.

9.Dec.2006. New photos, Inna is a winner of “Golden nine 2006”.

21.Oct.2006. New photos from the Inna’s USA trip.

15.Oct.2006. New photos have appeared in the “Family” and “Views” sections. My new Canon 400D is perfect. See new caricatures / funny pics section also.

11.Aug.2006. Williams publishing house has issued my book “The Basics of Analog and Digital Sound” (in Russian).

8.Jul.2006. Several new photos.

3.May.2006. My interview in the “Scribble” section; new photos from Switzerland and from my workplace.

11.Jan.2006. Two new pages with photos in the photoalbum. The photos were made during our trip to Moscow and Italy (Milan, Verona, Campitello di Fasssa).

10.Sep.2005. New photos of Kharkov in the appropriate photo album

9.Aug.2005. New photos in the “Family photos” section + slight redesign

15.May.2005. Two new photos in the “Views” album.

5.May.2005. New TETRIS in the main menu. It was written by me on Flash. Enjoy!

8.Jan.2005. New photos + new photos viewing engine (Flash).

5.Sep.2004. New photos section: “Italy 2004”.

31.Aug.2004. New scribble

31.Jul.2004. New photo at the page with views.

3.Jul.2004. New “humor” sub-page (caricatures and funny pictures). Renewal on the “Phylosophy” page.

28.Jun.2004. New photos category + new photo.

5.May.2004. Several new photos.

5.Apr.2004. Several new famiily photos and two new photos in “Other photos” section.

24.Dec.2004. Several new photos on the page about Kharkov.

10.Dec.2004. Two new photos in the famiy photo album.

6.Dec.2003. Three new photos in the family photo album.

28.Nov.2003. Today I’m 25.

9.Nov.2003. Today I’ve finished my undergraduate studies for the first degree in the Technion. Starting of today I’m B.Sc., theoretical math. with spec. in computer science.

1.Nov.2003. The site was fully redesigned.