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I’ve received a U.S. Patent 10,089,994

I’m proud to announce that I’ve been granted a U.S. Patent 10,089,994 for a novel acoustic fingerprinting approach that I’ve developed. The new technique has been implemented in AFT (Audio Fingerprinting Tools) software solution and is offered at

For more details refer to:

Patent text at USPTO: click here. — secure, watermarked audio delivery platform

We’ve just launched – secure, watermarked audio delivery platform.

TrustedAudio is a web-based service addressing anti-piracy needs of individual musicians, composers, labels, studios and various music and audio professionals (and especially those, who are less into “computer science” and more into their profession).

A short description: “TrustedAudio (TA) is a professional web-based tool that provides an easy and reliable way to share, deliver, and distribute audio files securely by means of watermarking and digital signing. Simply log in, upload your audio files, fill in the recipients’ info, and send the files! All recipients receive their own uniquely and inaudibly watermarked (“digitally signed”) copy of each distributed audio file. Unique watermarks are embedded into every audio file copy delivered to each individual recipient. Records of each watermark, together with the file and the recipient info associated with it, are securely stored in the TA database, enabling the file owner to identify and back-trace delivered copies at any time, instantly and reliably”.

More information:

wavedraw – a simple tool that generates BMP waveform picture of a sound file

Ever needed to generate a waveform picture of an audio file? I was in need of such tool myself and, to my big surprise, didn’t find any! So I wrote it myself. The tool loads a standard RIFF wave sound file (.wav), generates waveform picture and stores it in BMP format. You can specify any desired picture size and background/foreground colors. Only one (left) audio channel of the input file is analyzed.

the tool is free. Use it on your own risk.

I place Windows, Linux and Mac binaries in one archive:

AWT2 became patented

I have been granted a U.S. Patent No. 8,116,514 for the watermarking technology behind AWT2. – music recognition robot

It’s my pleasure to announce a preview stage of free music recognition service – — is a free music-recognition service. It allows you to identify almost any unknown piece of music quickly and easily. Its use is very simple: you upload a short audio fragment or an entire song, the robot analyzes it and provides you with the information about the track title, artist name, album title, etc. Your audio fragment can be in almost any file format and of almost any quality (aurally recognizable, of course) — it can be an MP3 file downloaded from the Internet or a short recording made with your old tape recorder and stored as a low-quality .WAV-file.

reTracked #2 musicdisk

It’s a great pleasure and a massive relief to finally present you with a new issue of the WebSound.Ru::reTracked project series – the reTracked #2 music disk.

Please visit the project website ( and download the musicdisk (Lo-Fi, Mid-Fi and Hi-Fi versions are available).

reTracked news

Oct 25th, 2008: Remastered version of “World of plastic” remake (by Manwe) is available on the reDisk page.


A number of news regarding WebSound.Ru :: reTracked project:

1. domain has been registered for the project
2. We’re now looking for musicians wishing to participate in the project and its upcoming release reTracked #2
3. A CD-quality version of reTracked #1 music disk is now available for downloading.

You are welcome to visit the project home site.