Skype is getting worse and worse

Several years ago I almost totally switched to Skype (from ICQ/Miranda). We also use Skype at work as the main communication tool between two offices.

During last 3 years I notice that communication via Skype is getting worse and worse. I’m not talking about voice quality, I’m talking about simple delivery of messages. Due to some reason (probably due to peer-to-peer Skype’s nature), I see my messages cannot be delivered to a person appearing online. It’s sometimes funny to see that two computers in one room can “see” some contact online, but with only one of them it’s possible to communicate normally with the contact. Funny, pity and annoying at the same time.

Additionally, instead of getting better in terms of GUI, Skype becomes uglier from year to year. I express my personal opinion and experience, but I hear the same notes of disappointment from time to time here and there.

Is there any better replacement?

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