In brief

My full name: Alex Radzishevsky

I speak Russian, Hebrew, English, and understand Ukrainian

My family: I’m married to Inna, and we have two daughters, Michelle and Lia

Education: B.Sc. (Theoretical math. with spec. in computer science), Technion, Israel

Professional interests and hobbies: digital sound and audio, digital signal processing, computer science and algorithmics, web & web-projects, writing and publishing, music and creativity, demo-scene, programming (MatLAB, C/C++, PHP/HTML/CSS/JavaScript, Flash/ActionScript), web-design.

Brief biography: I was born in Ukraine, Kharkov, in 1978 (Nov, 28). In 1996 I moved to Russia, Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and studied in the the State Marine Academy of Petropavlovsk Kamchatsky for 1.5 years. On New Year Eve 1997-98 I returned to Kharkov, where I continued my studies in Kharkov Technical University of Radio-Electronics. In October 1998 I moved to Israel. In 1999 – 2003 I studied in the Technion (Israel institute of Technology), Mathematics Department (theoretical mathematics with specialization in computer science), I hold B.Sc. in math; during my studies I was involved as a programmer in the MathNET project – Technion’s teaching advancement project. My army service (Nov 2003 – Nov 2005) was in the Multimedia department: development of interactive teaching software.

I’m currently busy with:

– my work: Alango Technologies Ltd. (Israel), Chief Application and Audio Engineer. I deal with sound and voice digital signal processing technologies for all kinds of voice terminals. – electronic magazine devoted to digital sound and music – Developing digital watermarking software solutions based on a unique patented watermarking approach. – free music recognition robot – project devoted to tracked music and demoscene

– from time to time I publish articles devoted to the field of digital sound in different magazines

– work on several other projects in the field of sound, music and audio

– always know to make myself busy

You can check my detailed profile at LinkedIn.


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