Little Red Riding Hood

Crazy virtualization

Today I had to deal with a device that can be connected to PC via Linux only (as there is no drivers for Windows). So, to be able working with it first I installed VMWare Virtual Machine under my Windows 7 host PC, then installed Ubuntu under this VM. However, to conveniently access the device using SCP protocol I was recommended to use WinSCP that is Windows tool. So, I installed Wine under Ubuntu and then installed and run WinSCP under Wine. In a conclusion, what I actually did is: I run Windows utility under Windows emulator running on Ubuntu which itself run under virtual Machine on Windows 7 host PC.

…Isn’t that crazy?



New photos

New photos  from travels to Greece and USA (Chicago) have been published in the photoalbum

3 days in Korea

I was visiting Korea during short business trip (3 days).

My impressions: very technologically developed country (WiMax, DVB, computerized toilets everywhere), very dense populated, a lot of cars and very tight traffic with many jams, very polite people.

Here is a photo made in one company office.

Toilets room, one Korean company office

Toilets room, one Korean company office

By the way, here is a cutting I made from a magazine “Weekend Journal”, that I found in my seat in plane from Korea. Sweet.

Two cooks

wget – HTTP request from command line

If you need to make a request via HTTP from Windows/*nix command line and obtain server response (example: you want to run some remote script via HTTP and then process its answer), there is a special utility exactly for this purpose. The utility called WGet:

In command line run: wget.exe
As a result, server response will be stored in file. You can download files via HTTP in the same manner. Very convenient and useful tool.

Pie chart

2008_11_13_08_37_incredimazing_com_static_media_2008_09_19_31e6bc4e0b03902_piechart – music recognition robot

It’s my pleasure to announce a preview stage of free music recognition service – — is a free music-recognition service. It allows you to identify almost any unknown piece of music quickly and easily. Its use is very simple: you upload a short audio fragment or an entire song, the robot analyzes it and provides you with the information about the track title, artist name, album title, etc. Your audio fragment can be in almost any file format and of almost any quality (aurally recognizable, of course) — it can be an MP3 file downloaded from the Internet or a short recording made with your old tape recorder and stored as a low-quality .WAV-file.

reTracked #2 musicdisk

It’s a great pleasure and a massive relief to finally present you with a new issue of the WebSound.Ru::reTracked project series – the reTracked #2 music disk.

Please visit the project website ( and download the musicdisk (Lo-Fi, Mid-Fi and Hi-Fi versions are available).

New photos

During the new year holidays we were visiting our friends in Switzerland. Photos from there